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My gallery. Recommended for cringe sessions and Guantanamo Bay torture


I wish I had your talent ;(


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United States
Hey there. I'm just your typical nerd who likes cartoons and has a particular distaste for social interaction. I'm obsessed with indie, pop punk, funk and the season of autumn.
I loved doing the last one so here we go again...

Original meme here


x Use your ipod or any other device/account with music on shuffle (or closing your eyes and moving the mouse around) to fill in the "..."'s

x DO NOT reshuffle if you dislike the answer.

x You must post these rules with the completed meme. (or link back to a journal with the rules)

x Provide a blank copy of the meme on your journal or link back to a journal with one for the sake of others c:

x Enjoy the meme!


1. I have a fear of Needle and Haystack Life

2. I hate Video Nite!

3. I hate you because We Wish You a Merry Christmas

4. I love Inside Our Skin

5. I love you because Can't Buy Me Love (huh)

6. She said Hillbilly Man

7. He said I Mostly Copy Other People

8. We said The Recipe

9. I caught a disease from She is Beautiful

10. I would sing High Fidelity as a love song.

11. I found Teachers in my room

12. I would kill someone if they Arms Around Me

13. I would marry someone if they MC Tom Concert

14. I would kill for a Head for the Hills

15. Air is really made of Metropolis

16. I think about U R So F*cked

17. I am LORD OF 420 (lel)

18. The secret ingredient is Mind for Treason

19. I will dance with my love to So Much Fun!

20. I have a crush on The Weird Al Show Theme

21. I got hurt because for the sake of making games

22. My last words will be Riffs and Variations on a Single Note for Jelly Roll, Earl Hines, Louis Armstrong, Baby Dodds, and the King of Swing, to Name a Few

23. The song at my funeral will be You Can't Handle This

24. I died because Cold Dead

26. I like to eat Closing

27. I live because Angels We Have Heard On High

28. I'm immortal because Of Grandiose Dadinations

29. My superpower is Calling All Cops

30. Tonight I will The Phantom Mullet

31. They insulted my mother by Victorious

32. I will dream of Swingish

33. I licked Parade

34. My nickname is Inkline

35. My best friend is I Am a Symbol

36. I would remove From Old Creating New from the world.

37. I wanted to be Gone as a kid.

38. I wish I could juggle World Without End

39. I would bring Southside with me to a desert island.

40. In my underwear you will find Atpunk Mix

42. I would trade my soul for To Astoria!

43. I think the moon is made of Like a Surgeon

44. I will bask in Hey Luno!

45. I lost THE GAME because Only One

46. I would lose a fight because Do I Creep You Out

47. I was hurt by The Good Life

48. My friends would describe me (as) Brick By Boring Brick

49. My favourite song is Chapstick

50. This meme was Lucky Denver Mint


Candy Hearts
Finally made sum art for Capitalizing on Superficial Feelings Day! BETTER LATE THAN NEVERPBG Emote - Oh 

So basically my favorite band made a Valentines Day EP, and I love it Love . This is based on this song in particular. I was honestly kinda nervous of posting this since I'm not the best with colors and effects, but SCREW IT this took me too long to not post it. Anyway, I hope you're having a lovely Valentines Day, regardless if you're in a relationship or if you suffer from crippling loneliness (like me :'7).
No Balance
A dumb sketch I probably won't finish. Basically I went roller skating with friends and this was pretty much me the whole time.
I like her, a lot. I'm not too proud of this but I at least like how the colors came out.
I'm back. And no I don't play Pokemon Go. Anyway here's Jed takin' a nap and wanting to ride the pony.



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Thanks For Watch by CorytheC  I love your style!!
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You're quite welcome! And thank you! ^~^
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Thank you for the watch! You have an amazing style by the way!
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iexistanddraw Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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No problem! Right back at'cha ;0
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Thanks so much for the watch, buddy! You got some cool stuff on here, so I'll do the same!
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Thank you dude! I'm flattered! Haha :D
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No problem! It's always great fun to discover a great artist. :)
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